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Breathing floors.

This was an actually very scary, keep up the good work on your games! 

i dont think i have ever plaed a game like this before it is such a cool take on horror!

the game was a little to dark in some places but i like the twist in the end .

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a fantasy dream illusion through dark corners

one progress flowing to contractual ending

torment gruesome recurrence undulating

options mouse lacking severe problem driving


Very nice game! The slow build into psychosis was both effective and anxiety-inducing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Loved this game, started following you!

Please make more.

Amazing game. Did not expect this at all. At the end it had me rethink everything I just witnessed. Definitely recommend this to everyone!


YO! I loved this game, it really gave off a good horror vibe. :) you gunna make more like this?? 

Me home alone trying to find out who is breathing so loud.

This game answers my questions

This is a game that made me actually being scared.. I make no sense but this scares me

this one really did have a feel as tho you got a look into someones mind who is mentally spiraling to good imo! Raven says 7/10 go check it out!

i like the story and the pixelic style game cool

This is an amazing game with an amazing storyline. Loved the whole vibe. Good job dev. 

Gave Mandela Effect ! Cx pretty cool to play

The Floor is Breathing was the first game I started with. (start at 0:00) It was pretty fun I did not expect much story but honestly, it was most of my video excellent job. It was a horrifying story but that song was fire lol. 

Love the Game, and the saved Progress

I'd Smash the Ghost on the first day

Fantastic game!

good game

An incredibly unnerving game. Gave me a lot of analog horror vibes. Terrifying. Well done. 10/10 little ducks.

I played this ages ago and forgot to edit/upload haha, here we are. Amazing creepy scare.

Good game innit

Such a good game,really liked the atmosphere and the sound of breathing was sooo creepy!..I really enjoyed it!

Ok so good game, I didn't expect much, but am I surprised it's way better then expected,


Ok First The Game Was Great Preformed Good And Had Good Controls Crazy Scare Atmosphere But Leaves You With Many Questions Good Game Thought 


Amazing game, it was incredibly eerie even with the 2d style. in fact I think it stung a bit more because of it. 

This is a really good game, dude. One of the best itchio horror games I have played. Good job bro.


It's a scary place

Very good game it was scary and confusing sometimes but overall it was very great 9/10

Loved Playing This Game Just whished There were a few more scares involving the Face ! Also Is This Game Based Off of a real serial Killer? Keep Up The Wonderful Work!

I love games like this!

Play this game, and u will never ever kill someone!!

I loved this concept. Is this a real story? Made a spanish gameplay about this, hope you enjoy it! :D

Such a marvelous game. You nailed it. Laughed so hard at the UNGODLY paragraph though.

i loved the game and played it a couple times in case i missed anything highly recommended.


I know what you did to your artists man...manipulating then and then accusing them of sharing cp when they call you out for it. Not cool...

Context, please?

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