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The creator told me about a little secret🤫

How to slide with doing w and ctrl with out making it exit out and close?!

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you could fully download it or try full screening the game in your browser

(UPDATE: full screen doesn't work)

It's unfortunately not very possible to change directions while sliding, but if you hold w before hitting control and continue holding control, it should still allow you to slide forwards (at least it did for me)

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I loved this game so much but It was SO MUCH HARDER THAN THE FIRST ONE! Keep up the great work😄👍

Love your videos :)

thanks! :D

is it just me or is this a lot harder than the original

I'm having an issue with both the web demo and the downloaded full version. As soon as I exit the church at the very beginning of the game I am unable to fire my weapons. It will randomly let me fire off one or two shots past that point but otherwise nothing.


this is why i love omori fandom

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Doomori = Good game doesn't have to pay unlike doom. (Doom is still good)


I like new OMORI :).


them rocket hitboxes wack tho

This game was alot of fun despite me not finishing it on video but lots of speedrun potential. It has some flaws but that just makes it more fun (at least for me) and you've done so nice work here! Keep it all up man!

slam dunk ya junk , I’m sorry for being a dick 

cant survive a single bullet.

Mac port please ?

No Mac ports?

When i was going on the first one it didnt load did it get shut down or does it take long to load?


Good work on this fun little thing, SlamDunk! Happy to see this going to support a good cause.

Just curious, is there any way to alter the music/sound effect volume within the game? (Also, I'd have to agree with the commenter below me, projectiles passing through walls is a pretty big issue, both in the indoor level and drug-trip level.)

lol this game is nothing like I thought

since I made a video of the original doomori, I had to make one for the sequel! While I, unfortunately, didn't finish the game in this video, I did find the new mechanics interesting and some fun with it!

Anyways, here's the video:


to slide on chrome hold w first then hold ctrl


spoilers maybe

so which ending is canon? i'd assume the choice on the right but idk

on WHAT planet is any of this canon

canon to DOOMORI, not OMORI

(i ask the question bc they only say they'll have more games in one ending)


how do i change the controls? if i cant, its okay, but im on chrome so ctrl+w closes the tab


Really fun, just starting in unity and this for me is incredible and wants to replicate it

Awh that's amazing to hear!! I'm sure you'll be able to make amazing games sometime soon also, keep at it! You'll get there I promise!


i love this game my dad broke my leg :C

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Definitely a good follow-up to the original DOOMORI, it's really silly yet well-made. Here's my own playthrough for anyone interested:

I like the variety of gameplay mechanics and the amount of expanded content compared to the first game. The story is dumb and memey, but it doesn't overstay its welcome. I also appreciate the copyright-free music mode.

However, it's very difficult! I don't know it it's just me, but the "SweetHeart" level was especially challenging because of the narrow corridors and punishing platforming (you fall once, you reset from the very beginning of the level). In my opinion, I wish there was more leeway, like with well-placed checkpoints or more health in general (e.g. armor pickups like in the original DOOM).

Also, a few nitpicks which aren't essential, but maybe something to consider:

  • The main menu music doesn't seem to loop, which should be standard
  • There should be a dedicated settings menu, especially for a FPS game where players like to easily tweak their sensitivity and FOV
  • The slow motion ability, like the first game, seems completely useless because it slows down your aim too (but maybe that's the joke?)

Anyway, I don't know if there will be more sequels considering one of the endings, but I wish the team luck for any future projects!

good videogame

this game is so good, but im sad cause i die very fast :(

i always suck at games like this...nvm, great work devs

devs, u guys mind making this game into a linux ver? if not I dont mind


quiet unexpected i like it could due with being able to change sensitivity though other then that it's good 

You can press shift + b on the title screen then enter "sen:X" with X being replaced by a multiplier to change sensitivity!


this si the best crossover ive ever seen


this game is great, too bad i suck at it


TIP: in the first part of the game, u can one shot some enemies by pressing both fire buttons at the same time


def had the drip


This is the game of the year, can't wait for the multiple other sequels


This game is the noobcrusher1000. Rageworthy :)


I saw the trailer for this gam on yt I liked the 1st one so this is probably good too


Hello omori community (:<




why hello

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