Shaggy is back in Shagster Online 2, this time with a few freinds, Wario, Mr Bean, Quagmire from Family Guy,  and good old Fred Jones. Set 150 years before the first game in 1869, this multiplayer Red Dead Redemption and Fallout New Vegas parody will make you laugh, cry and maybe even make you forget about your crippling debt. So be prepared to shoot stuff, blow shit up, rob banks and avoid the law in this awesome CO-OP adventure!

Note 1 : Highly recommend you download and install that version of the game, runs wayyy smoother and less networking issues (but you can still play in browser if you want) Also if your having DPI issues go full screen/download the game. Press the Download button below, and run the installer! It's that easy!

Wanna hang out with more Shagsta fans? Or add some Voice Chat to the experience? Join the discord!

Note 2: This game is clearly a parody of the western genre, and was made for educational purposes, I do not own any of the rights to these characters nor do I make any money off this. All rights belong to the respective owners.


ShagsterOnline2Setup.exe 409 MB

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wait till the gun drops pick it up (e) then u can move after you kill them all on the train.... oh boy

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umm only thing if ur there dev or anyone how long does it take to load because it feels like its taking forever 

expecting a broken boring game but found gold for real just started and it sounds better than call of duty 

i cant move


hey where is wario


This game is awesome! I love that you can find other people walking around occasionally, but I do wish it was possible to communicate with them or join parties. 

Thanks for sharing! I recorded myself playing this video game and uploaded the session on my gaming YouTube channel:

i can't do anything


takes some time to load

"educational purposes"

what are we learning here

biology and history lmao


real, not fake


bro, its a joke


???? i was also joking im not tryna start an argument 

lmao saying "real, not fake" is just an inside joke between a few of my friends sorry

i hate that i unironically love this game

crashes on chromebook at the second part after 篓god篓 XD

for me it lasts til the tank part

This is amazing thank you


Does it work on Chromebook? since i cannot move

true, it does the same damn shit

Wait for the guy to die then pick up the gun the you can move


Rockstar Games been real quiet since this dropped

the levels wont load QwQ


Why is this the best game ever

LMAO, this is funny af


Just finished RDR2 this is way better tho

Omg ikr

yes like the graphics themselves are 70 times better and the story just is way better than rdr2 馃槳

yeah smh


this really says alot about our society










This game is pretty large for a browser game, so it crashes alot in browser. Unfortunately theres not much I can do, although I have a Windows download available so if you're playing on windows please check that out. 

Linux port? I've deprecated the files for the game as I'm reusing the code for another project, so unfortunately I can't make a Linux port anytime soon. This was a huge oversight and I'm very sorry for Linux users, I will make sure to make a Linux port for all future projects.

Mac port? I don't own the technology to make a port for Apple devices unfortunately.

If you have any more questions please join the discord ( and I'll try to awnser them the best I can there.


beautiful game but the game froze on the tip screen

@fostergames can i be verified on the server

talk to one of the admins like i did

how do i play online


its a fun game but the desktop version crashes at the tank if a linux version could be made or somehow that could be fixed itd be perfec


Tried Speedrunning the game, I got a 16:16 time! Going to be doing this a lot so hoping to reach below 14 min.

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Everytime I make a PB I'll post it here, all clips on my YT

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playing on browser and just stuck on the tip screen is there a button i can press to resume my gaming? If there is that would be helpful.

It froze when I got to the tank, Im playing on browser but I cant download the game


Can you please make a Linux download? when i go to the tank part it says that there was a javascript error.


A truly amazing/heartbreaking story... Would rate 10/10


can we get a linux download becuase i cant run exe files

"Its a masterpiece" - some random commenter


is there a online

this game is sooo fun, but i keep running into a problem when i get to the tank part. i box appears on my screen saying something about javascript. then i can't continue the game. anyone know how to fix?


download the game instead of playing in browser for wayyyyy less lag and crashing

ok, thanks

I CANT execute exe files

yea i got that problem too


Wow, this game definitely didn't disappoint after the high expectations of Shagster online 1! I didn't even know what to expect, was confused around 95% of the time and I loved it! Great job! :'D

i got the same issue with monkeymon and im not able to download it


hey, whenever i get to the tank battle, it goes unresponsive after i kill someone


Are you playing on browser?


yeah, i am. i cant download it

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