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resend the discord 😭


shaggy:i.. i guess im afraid scooby.                                                                       scooby: theres nothing to be afraid of mister shaggy.                                                                                                                                                                             (please somebody tell me they get the reffrence)

i got the tank on web version but the second i started shooting it broke


Howdy partners!!

Well my mate and i really wanna play this in Online Coop but we didnt quite figure out how to, is it not available anymore or are we just too dumb ? :D 
Please send Help(....and dunes) <3


Okay, I absolutely love this game, but I have discovered a bug on at least the web version. If you spam reload with the revolver while spamming the trigger you can effectively become a small minigun with sheer willpower.


this shit ass daw like wtf the hitboxes are trash l = ratio

THE GAME WAS RIGGED FROM THE START!!!!! Good game though, up until it crashed at the revival part

this game looks pretty  bad butt that just makes the story better it has good protagonists 10/10 good game¨



Spanish: buen juego

English: good game


Out of any video game that I have ever come across in my 14 years on planet Earth, this has to be the pinnacle of video-gametology. 10/10.


this game is not only the best game i've ever played, but also an absolute masterpiece. the graphics 10/10, the music 10/10, the characters 10/10.  And the story is not only heart breaking at the end but a breath taking expierence. 


It's not loading I can only play on browser because I'm on a Chromebook is there a way to make this on browser run smoother

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10 scooby snacks out of 5 Walmarts and a Kmart


i bought this from k mart


it keeps crashing on the tank part after a few seconds of being in it.

How do I play the Online Mode

you're always on online mode

connect your router


Why is this actually good


rdr2 from walmart


10/10 scooby snacks

I know that crashing on the tank section is ordinary, but I really don't have a way to play this game otherwise. I would love to see what else the game offers , because i'm sure it's great.


The new industry standard on how to make a game


no shit


how DO you play online

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no other games move me constantly foward and left plz fix

thats not the game

This game was crazy, haha. Like a fever dream lads.

jk its really great

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can you release a macOS version soon?

i dont think he will ever make  the macOS version dude

Deleted post
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umm only thing if ur there dev or anyone how long does it take to load because it feels like its taking forever 

same its taking forever

doesnt take long for it to load for me


expecting a broken boring game but found gold for real just started and it sounds better than call of duty 

how is this better than cod

in a shaggy red dead redemption wa

yes my dude

i cant move


hey where is wario


This game is awesome! I love that you can find other people walking around occasionally, but I do wish it was possible to communicate with them or join parties. 

Thanks for sharing! I recorded myself playing this video game and uploaded the session on my gaming YouTube channel:

i can't do anything

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