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Brought to you by the same team that made OMORI MULTIPLAYER,  with an OST specially crafted by Evergreen Music. Rip, Gun and Tear your way through the Vast-Forest; Otherworld; Black-Space and Faraway, in this fast-pased, hectic doom/omori parody!

Play the original game, Omori, here

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTotally Fungal


Doomori - Setup.exe 381 MB

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ngl this game is fire

In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood.

so good m

I play this in school

how do you turn the volume down lol, thing's loud as hell


The browser version doesn't work sadly

the level where you need to save flower boi is hard

Bitch got that boy from "picrew" ;_;



funnily this is my first shooter ever but it's a lot of fun lmao


omori mixed with doom,awesome

i got ketchup mixed with lettuce


cuz everytime i wake up in the mornin'


i got borgors on my mind


ill get a number two, two to number nine yeah


masterpiece game


murder (the game) 2


damn this is hard af


how do i open the door?


shoot it!


oh thanks

Do you remember me?? :O I'm Stardust!! Idk how we lost contact but here is my discord: Stardust#8355

I saw ManlyBadassHero upload a let's play of your newest game! Man I'm hella proud of you and wanted to let you know <3


i love this game so much oh my god

this game is cool im angry and sad at the same timeImage result for omori basil angry


Funny game 

Rip and tear until it is done. That was the best thing ever.

The uzi in the second level is a stock image



when omori finds a gun


should make this a doom mod

(2 edits)

The Jokes 10/10

the gameplay10/10

the music 11/10

Keep up the great work馃憤

omfg Bruh the music is a banger, Bruh why it got to hit so hard.

and two of my fav games combined. ngl I would not be mad if u had people pay for this.

this is Awesome!

I cannot explain just how long it took me to get out the first part of the game, those darn trees

I can't just show how much this game is perfect, that's a pure utopia

just finished it




yaaaas queen

(1 edit) (+1)

The 1911 in the start turns into a glock when you reload lmao

Also, the face your fears one is kinda BS.  Bullet hell in first person in physically painful.

Edit: No wonder this game is so full of memes, y'all are the people who made Shagster online


i hate how entertaining this was

This game really is super fun and I'm gonna play the next one soon! EverGreen Music remix the soundtrack super well and the graphics are amazing...and the memes )_) oh my god you guys are just something else ^^;
9/10 game cause sometimes I grab agro from enemies who I cant even see yet and uh mostly in the real world sections they can shoot through the barricades and sometimes the trees but other than that Nice!!

The memes..... XD

Me not liking RPG combat normally but loving omori:
The perfect game does not exi-


This has to be the best thing i have ever played this year. I had no idea it was going to be this high quality, I would play again.

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